BootyLicious BootCamp 

About the challenge 

Bootylicious Bootcamp Challenge is a 12-week challenge, which can be completed in the following way:

Online: Simply purchase the Bootylicious Booty eBook from anywhere in the world, where you're then able to complete the twelve-week challenge flying solo. 

Booty eBook

All Bootylicious bootcamp programs require the Booty ebook, please purchased your copy prior to commencing the challenge. 

Meal guidance is vital to kicking those kg's off the scales, which is why, meal tips and ideas are included within the Bootylicious Bootcamp Challenge. All nutrition tips are included within the Booty eBook.

Note: The Bootylicious Bootcamp challenge is a Vegan program. For those of you taking the challenge who are not Vegan, I recommend following a "Paleo" meal plan. 

***Coming Soon***

Unlimited Daily Bootcamp Sessions for the entire 12 weeks. 

Online BBC 

Once you have purchased the "Booty eBook", you will be added to the FaceBook Bootylicious Bootcamp secret group, where only members completing the BBC are invited to join the group.
This is where you are welcome to post questions, pictures of your journey and network with all the ladies in the group. 

Gym Work Out Routines 

You will recive daily workout routines to complete within the Booty eBook.  

For the best results, I advise all Bootylicious Bootcamp members to have a gym membeship.