Day Trips

You will be invited to day trips where as a group, we will venture off to places such as the 1,000 steps, Botanical Gardens, Brimbank Park and other outdoor settings just to mix it up a little. A challenge will be set for the group on each adventure, so it will be a work out just the same. Friends and family of the BootyLicious BootCamp members are welcome to attend the day trips, just as long as they too are in for a workout! 

BootyLicious BootCamp 

About the challenge 

Bootylicious Bootcamp Challenge is a 12-week challenge, which can be completed in three of the following ways:

1. Face to face bootcamp program: where you will meet with coach Jennifer and all other participants twice a week in the Booty Studio located in "Fraser Rise", Melbourne. 

2. Online: Simply purchase the Bootylicious Booty eBook from anywhere in the world, where you're then able to complete the challenge flying solo. You will  also, be added to the FaceBook Bootylicious Secret Group, where you and all other ladies also completing the challenge will be there to network, share ideas and their journey with you. You will also be updated with all BBC news. 

3. Personal Training: this option is for those who can't make it to the sessions allocated for the group, rather than completing the sessions on your own, you will complete them with coach Jennifer during two 45 minute personal training sessions, each week.
Booty eBook

All Bootylicious bootcamp programs require the Booty ebook, please purchased your copy prior to commencing the challenge. 


Meal planning is vital to kicking those kg's off the scales, which is why, meal planning is inclusive with the Bootylicious Bootcamp Challenge. All meal plans are included within the Booty eBook.  
Face to face BBC 

Enjoy weekly sessions with others completing the challenge and gain motivation by the uplifting energy throughout the room. 

Throughout the x12 week challenge you will be reqired to attend x2 bootcamp sessions each week
Online BBC 

Once you have purchased the "Booty eBook", you will be added to the FaceBook Bootylicious Bootcamp secret group, where only members completing the BBC are invited to join the group. This is where you are welcome to post questions, pictures of your journey and network with all the ladies in the group. 

BBC with Personal Training: 

This option is for those who can't make it to theat bootcamp sessions and would like to have private sessions instead. 

Note: additional charges of $90 each week for two private 45 minute sessions are part of this option. 


BootyLicious Bridal 

Get into shape in the company of your bridesmaids! You and your bestfriends will glow with beauty and confidence on your wedding day after getting onto shape together! As each of you slide into your gowns on the big day, an extra high five will be going round with excitment, you will all feel that sense of achievment, what could be better?  
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