Jennifer Apap ​
Founder of BootyLicious BootCamp
Hi I'm Jennifer Apap,

A qualified personal trainer with a true love for the health & fitness industry. I qualified as a personal trainer in 2007 and truly love my work. I work for a wonderful change center called "Ultimate You Change Centre" where I coach a variety of classes such as kettlebells, boxing, kickboxing, strength & conditioning, plyometrics and more. My role there is to re-create and design classes fresh for every class I coach, training people to work at their personal best with no hesitations and to guide people throughout their weight loss journey, I enjoy coaching there, so when I'm not training people from my home studio, I am booked for classes at UY.

The approach I take with my own fitness studio is in a more personalised fashion, I learn as much as I can about each person I train, not only to ensure I have a full understanding about any old or new injuries they might have but also about any emotional setbacks that might deter them from moving forward. 
This is where I determine whether one on one personal training or group fitness training would be best for that individual and of course, I take other factors into consideration before making choices. I always have my clients best interest at heart, and I love watching my clients evolve into a woman she didn't think were possible....    
“If you want it, then get out there and get it! Don't wait to feel motivated, motivation comes after the hard work has already begun.”